These lightweight and compact zoom lenses feature an unique “Detachable” Servo Drive unit and combine quality, flexibility and mobility for all requirements.

For many digital cinema camera applications, there is a need for a “compact and lightweight” zoom design with high optical quality. Fujifilm has newly developed the FUJINON ZK Light Weight Zoom Series featuring an exclusive and unique “Detachable” Servo Drive Unit. The new highly advanced removable drive unit is based on ergonomic engineering concepts as well as ease to use and imaginative design. These lightweight zoom lenses combine quality, flexibility and mobility for all requirements.

Main Features

  • Detachable Servo Drive Unit
  • 16 bit High Resolution Encoders are employed
  • LDS* and /i Technology* lens data capable through electric contacts in the mount
  • Outstanding Performance Designed for 4K Cameras
  • Back Focus Adjustment with Macro Function
  • Natural Bokeh (Blur) thanks to 9-Blade Round Iris
  • 0.8mm Cine Gearing
  • 200 Degree Focus Rotation
  • Luminous Barrel Makings
  • Available with Feet or Meter Scales

*LDS (Lens Data System): Lens communication feature provided from ARRI
*/i Technology: Lens communication feature provided from Cooke

Outstanding Performance Designed for 4K Cameras

Applying FUJINON optical technologies developed for the HK Premier Series, ZK Light Weight Series lenses have achieved both a compact size and a light weight design. With newly developed HT-EBC multi layer coating technology, the lenses boast a high transmittance and are resistant to flares and ghosts. The lenses employ a “3 Moving Zoom Group” technology, which is used in HK Premier Series lenses, to compensate for aberrations at all focal lengths. ZK Light Weight Series lenses exhibit high resolution in the center as well as the corners on a large screen. FUJINON ZK Light Weight Series lenses with high optical performance designed for today’s 4K cameras are the answer to the diverse needs of high resolution cinematography production.

ENG Shooting Style with Detachable Servo Grip

ZK Light Weight Series lenses feature advanced “Detachable” drive unit, first in the Light Weight Zoom category. Theses lenses feature hybrid technology of our broadcast and cine lens technologies in a light weight and compact body. With the drive unit, these lenses can be operated like traditional ENG TV lenses thanks to the same interface and accessories. This is exceptionally helpful in simplifying and reducing set up time. Therefore, it is not necessary to use more complicated cine lens drive systems. In addition, the drive also seamlessly interfaces with wired and wireless cine control systems.
On the other hand, with the drive unit removed, these lenses have standard 0.8 cine gearing, allowing for the use of traditional third party cine accessories. Whichever way they are used, the operator will feel comfortable with the lenses.

ZK Insert-2

*In order to use the servo system with a ZK Light Weight Series lens, it is necessary to provide power from the camera to the lens though the camera mount (more than 10V, 1A). If the camera doesn’t have capability of supply power to the lens, please arrange an external power source (10 to 30VDC) and optional connection cable.

FUJINON ZK Cabrio Lenses Promotion Video