Powerful 80x zoom for exceptional performance in live coverage: World’s first launch of 2/3″ U-HDTV broadcast zoom lens compatible with 4K cameras.


Focal length of 9–720mm and a high 80x zoom ratio

The lens empowers the operator with a broad focal length range delivered with high contrast and edge-to-edge minimization of various aberrations. From sports events to concerts, 4K imaging broadcasts in the field come alive with incredible “live” presence. This lens incorporates all these features for unprecedented optical performance in a form with the same length and mass as our current HD field lens.

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Stable imaging even at high zoom thanks to Image Stabilization Technology

The lens features high-precision vibration isolation/detection technology and a drive system that facilitates incredibly stable tracking. The superb image stabilization is achieved by proactive control driven by a high-speed CPU running a highly specialized algorithm. Image blur caused by vibrations or swaying due to the wind or shifts in the camera platform, or swingback during operation is minimized for clear, stable.

Newly developed 9-blade iris for natural bokeh

Compared with a conventional 7-blade iris, FUJINON‘s 9-blade mechanism creates a more circular aperture, enabling a more natural bokeh in video imaging.

Best suited focus demand for 4K shooting

With the demand for accurate focusing needed for 4K resolution, FUJINON‘s new focus position demand unit, the EPD-31A, has improved from 14-bit to 16-bit encoding.