The Ultimate in 4K Optical Performance:

World’s first 2/3” format 4K Broadcast lens*

Ultra-high-resolution 4K imaging demands a higher dimension of lens performance, and FUJINON answers with a new line of 4K broadcast lenses. Honed by decades of development and then enhanced by cutting-edge optical technology, the acclaimed “HIGH RESOLUTION”, “HIGH CONTRAST” and “HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE” of FUJINON lenses ascends to new heights and conquers the 4K pinnacle of optical performance demanded by imaging professionals.


Crystal clear and crisp 4K image quality is achieved by using optical simulation technologies to reduce every kind of aberration to unprecedented low levels.

High Resolution 930x500



Excellent 4K imaging quality of even distant detail is faithfully conveyed to the camera by elevating optical performance in the frequency bands that cover the most commonly viewed imaging.

High Contrast 930x500



High-fidelity transmittance of “blacks” to the camera is essential to imaging expression, and FUJINON achieves this with advanced optical material and the latest in lens coating technology. Transmittance is increased to achieve 4K class imaging expression rich in color gamut reproduction.

High Dynamic 930x500


Reach the summit of 4K optical per formance with FUJINON’s state-of-the-art technologies:


Minimal aberrations over the entire zoom range and extremely high contrast are achieved by our newly developed zoom approach and our floating focus system.


Boasting focusing control with 4 times the accuracy of a conventional lens system, the extreme focusing precision of FUJINON exceeds even the level demanded by 4K.


Advanced manufacturing technology enables ideal configuration and positioning of lens elements for optimized performance while ultra-high resolution is attained by nano-level precision polishing of the large-diameter aspherical lens elements.


4K imaging expression rich in color reproduction is realized by the increased red and blue transmittance ratio – a benefit of the HT-EBC coating with the highest transmittance and lowest reflectivity ratios possible.

*The world’s first launch of broadcast zoom lens with optical performance for 2/3-inch format 4K broadcasting cameras. (Based on a survey by Fujifilm. As of 8th April 2015, in reference to public information)